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 +====== SXMaskedSprite ======
 +---- dataentry extension ----
 +author_mail   : daniel@gamua.com Daniel Sperl 
 +description   : Provides pixel level masking for any Sparrow display object.
 +lastupdate_dt : 2014-04-09 # the date you created the extension
 +compatible    : v2.1       # the Sparrow version you tested the extension with
 +depends       :            # if the ext. depends on others, list them here
 +tags          : mask       # enter a few tags, separated by commas
 +homepage_url  : https://github.com/Gamua/Sparrow-Extension-Masked-Sprite
 +download_url  : https://github.com/Gamua/Sparrow-Extension-Masked-Sprite/archive/master.zip
 +===== Overview =====
 +{{ :extensions:mask.jpg?140&nolink|}}
 +The Sparrow Extension class "SXMaskedSprite" provides pixel level masking for any Sparrow display object.
 +Use the class as a replacement for a normal Sprite. It contains a public property called "mask" that can be set to any display object. As each frame progresses, custom blend modes will apply the mask's alpha channel to the contents of the sprite. Both animated and static display objects are supported.
 +===== Installation =====
 +Add the class files from the src-directory to your Sparrow-powered game.
 +===== Demo-Project ======
 +The demo-directory contains a sample project. If you have configured your system for Sparrow, the project should compile and run out of the box.
 +===== Sample Code =====
 +Create the sprite class and attach any display object to it, and it will act as a mask. There is no need to add the mask to the display list; you can change its position, scale, alpha, etc. to achieve different effects.
 +<code objc>
 +// create masked sprite and add some children
 +SXMaskedSprite *sprite = [SXMaskedSprite sprite];
 +[sprite addChild:...];
 +// create a mask
 +SPImage *mask = [SPImage imageWithContentsOfFile:@"my_mask.png"];
 +// apply the mask to the sprite
 +sprite.mask = mask;
 +===== More information =====
 +Special thanks to Jonathan Hart — his [[http://wiki.starling-framework.org/extensions/pixelmask|Pixelmask]] Starling extension was the inspiration for this port!
 +===== Discussion =====
 +//No comments so far. Feel free to edit this part of the page.//
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