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 +====== SXFPSMeter ======
 +---- dataentry extension ----
 +type          : extension #or '​mod'​ if it requires changing the Sparrow source
 +author_mail ​  : pixelrevision@gmail.com Malcolm
 +description ​  : A quick and dirty FPS meter. #enter a short description of the extension
 +lastupdate_dt : 2011-04-11 #the date you created the extension
 +compatible ​   : v1.1 #the Sparrow version you tested the extension with
 +depends ​      : ​ #if the ext. depends on others, list them here
 +tags          : FPS, frames per second, meter #enter a few tags, separated by commas
 +homepage_urls : https://​gist.github.com/​893868 #if the ext. has an URL (e.g. a Gist-page), add it here
 +download_urls : https://​gist.github.com/​893868/​download #a direct link to the download (e.g. the Gist-archive)
 +===== Usage =====
 +A quick and dirty FPS meter for sparrow so you don't have to rely on NSLog.
 +<code objc>
 +SXFPSMeter *meter = [[SXFPSMeter alloc] initWithText:​@""​];​
 +[self addChild:​meter];​
 +Sparrow 2.0 comes with a similar class built in: just enable the "​showStats"​ property on the Sparrow view controller.
 +===== Changelog =====
 +  * //​2011/​04/​11 22:20//: First public version
 +===== Source Code =====
 +===== Discussion =====
 +//No comments so far. Feel free to edit this part of the page.//
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