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 +====== SXPhysics ======
 +---- dataentry extension ----
 +author_mail ​  : alessandro.maroso@gmail.com Alessandro Maroso
 +description ​  : Extension that provides Box2D (2.3.0) physic library integration.
 +lastupdate_dt : 2014-10-31 # the date you created the extension
 +compatible ​   : v2.1 # the Sparrow version you tested the extension with
 +depends ​      : Box2D # if the ext. depends on others, list them here
 +tags          : Box2D, Physics # enter a few tags, separated by commas
 +homepage_url ​ : https://​bitbucket.org/​membersheep/​sxphysics
 +===== Usage =====
 +The project on bitbucket contains the extension files in "​Classes"​ folder. You can import those files in your project and use them as long as you have sparrow 2.x and box2d 2.0.x libraries in your project. In the example project I used [[http://​cocoapods.org/​]] to manage those libraries, and you can find a commented usage example in the file Game.mm.
 +It's important to consider that the box2d objects are created only when the display object (body or joint or world) is added to the display tree.
 +Finally, remember to rename your source files where you import SXPhysics with .mm extension instead of .m .
 +===== Changelog =====
 +  * //​2014/​02/​05 11:31//: First public version
 +  * //​2014/​10/​31 19:32//: Updated with Physics editor import method and example.
 +===== Discussion =====
 +//No comments so far. Feel free to edit this part of the page.//
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