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 +====== Project Setup ======
 +To make it easy to create your own Xcode projects with Sparrow, the download package contains two projects that can serve as the starting point for your own games:
 +==== The Barebone Project ====
 +The Barebone project is the most lightweight way to set up Sparrow. It does only what is absolutely necessary: create an ''​SPView''​ with Sparrow content. The rest is up to you.
 +//Use this project for your first tests with the Sparrow Framework. It's super lightweight and does not contain any content that might confuse beginners.//​
 +==== The Scaffold Project ====
 +The Scaffold project contains all basics you need in a typical iPhone/iPad app, like auto-rotation support, an UIKit overlay view, and a simple means to create a universal application. When you are ready to start, here is all you need to know: 
 +  * [[The Scaffold Project]]
 +  * [[Universal App Development]]
 +  * [[Adding UIKit elements on top of Sparrow]]
 +//Use that project as the basis for your actual game, as it saves you a lot of effort!//
 +==== Creating your own Project ====
 +Choose one of the projects inside the ''​samples''​ folder and follow these steps to use it as a basis for your game:
 +  - Copy the complete folder to the place where you want to have your game project.
 +  - Open the Xcode project.
 +  - Build and run --- just to see if everything works fine. 
 +    * If it does not work, check if you have created the ''​SPARROW_SRC''​ variable in Xcode, if it points to the right place and has no spaces in its path.
 +  - Rename the project:
 +    * **Xcode 3:** click on "​Project"​ → "​Rename ..." and enter the name of your choice.
 +    * **Xcode 4:** 
 +      - Click directly on the project name in the Project Navigator to make it editable. Change the name and accept the requests of the popups that follow.
 +      - Click on "​Product - Manage Schemes"​ and then on the Scheme name ("​AppScaffold"​ or "​Barebone"​) to rename that, too.
 +That's it! Now you can start to develop your game with Sparrow.
 +==== Selecting target hardware: iPhone / iPod Touch / iPad ====
 +  - Enter the project settings, tab: "​Build"​
 +  - Select the target of your choice for the setting "​Targeted Device Family"​
 +//Next Section: [[The Barebone Project]]//
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