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 +====== How to modify the color of an image ======
 +Have you ever wondered why Sparrow'​s ''​SPImage''​ class contains a ''​color''​-property?​ Well, you can use that property to tint a texture in any color! ​
 +While this can be used for different things, e.g. highlighting items of interest, I want to show you an especially useful way to save texture memory. ​
 +Let's say you have a "​SameGame"​- or "​Tetris"​-style game with lots of blocks with different colors. Thanks to the ''​color''​-property of ''​SPImage'',​ you only need to create one white image of such a block. To display the actual block on the screen, you just need to set its color.
 +<code objc>
 +SPTexture *blockTexture = [SPTexture textureWithContentsOfFile:​
 +                           ​@"​block.png"​];​
 +SPImage *redBlock = [SPImage imageWithTexture:​blockTexture];​
 +redBlock.color = 0xff0000;
 +SPImage *greenBlock = [SPImage imageWithTexture:​blockTexture];​
 +greenBlock.color = 0x00ff00;
 +// etc.!
 +The output color is the result of a multiplication of the color of a pixel in the texture by the color of the quad. That means that you can never use the ''​color''​-property to make a texture look brighter, but only darker. (That'​s because both sides of the multiplication have values between 0 and 1. To make a color brighter, you would have to multiply it with a value bigger than 1!)
 +{{ :​tutorials:​tinted_blocks.png |Tinting blocks for SameGame}}
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