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k Shape: Shape is a polyphonic synthesiser allowing the user to draw the shape of the oscillator wave form. The positive side of the oscillation is represented by 32 blocks and the negative side is its mirror, generating all sorts of possible raw retroish sounds. Shape is best experienced with akai synthstation 25.
Kinetic: Kinetic is a music instrument inspired by the inside of a maracas, however it is not a percussive instrument. Notes are represented by bouncing balls that make sounds when they hit a wall and gravity is determined by the location of your device, using the accelerometer. Switch between scenes in order to create chord structures.
Sinusoid: Sinusoid is an 8 bit music tracker/sequencer sound toy. It has four channels, 2 sine, 1 square and 1 drum channel. Sound controls are attack, decay and tremolo. Other features are copy, paste, save and load. Sinusoid is inspired by retro games and almost forgotten trackers…
Pixel Tune: Pixel Tune is a little pixel drawer app that makes pretty tunes from your creations. Either approach it from a painter's point of view or a more musical, or perhaps combine your skills in both subjects. Anything is possible, let those retro dreams come to life…
Nerd Trek: This platform game was inspired by the classics of the genre!
An Invasion: A modern, retro style, space shooter game.


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