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Yoyu LLC is a developer of (mainly) iPad apps using the sparrow framework exclusively.


Word Bird: Feed the word bird! You have 30, 90 or 180 seconds to cook up as many tasty words as you can. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
faro: A game from the wild west, now available for your favorite tablet! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Three Lines Poker: Three lines; three varieties of video poker; three times the fun. Video poker the way it was meant to be played! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Pick a Pair Poker: Another video poker game – two cards face up and two stacks of three to pick from. Which one do you select? GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Poker 5x5: Test your poker skills with our version of poker bingo. Place drawn cards on the five-by-five grid and see how high can you score! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Poker 5x5 SD: The iPod/iPhone version of Poker 5×5. GC integration. (iPhone, Free)
Maximum Memory: May the best memory win. Select one of three board sizes (4×4, 5×5, or 6×6) and try to pair off the icons as quickly as possible. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Yut Nori: Yut Nori is a traditional Korean board game. You play by tossing sticks and moving pieces. Pieces can be stacked, but be warned if the other player lands on your pieces all pieces are sent back to the start. (iPad, Free)
sudoku maximus : 49,000 sudoku puzzle boards for you enjoyment. (iPad, Free)
Hazard: The granddaddy of craps is back. Choose your main (5, 6, 7, or 9) and roll the dice. After the initial roll, decide if you want to bet on the chance. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Senet: Senet is an ancient racing game. You begin your turn by throwing sticks. You can move your piece either to an unoccupied square or onto an unprotected enemy piece. 1 or 2 players. (iPad, Free)
Game of the Goose: Game of the Goose is an ancient racing board game. Who will be the winner? (iPad, Free)
Shut the Box:Shut the Box is an old English pub game. Now available on your iPad with a modern twist: casino-style scoring. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
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