How can I add a game to the list?

Don't worry, that's not difficult to do – it's just a little confusing at first because of all the long links and the syntax.

Uploading the icon

On the page with the list of Sparrow games, first click on the “Edit this page” button at the bottom. You will now enter the edit-mode of the wiki page.

Since all the table lines are rather long, the content looks confusing right now. However, it gets better if you turn off word wrapping in the text editor. You can do that by clicking on the button at the bottom right of the text area.

In the editor that comes up, find the button with the small picture frame and click on that button to open up the media manager.

At the top of the right column, you should see a button titled “Select files …”. Click on that button and select your game icon. Then click “Upload”. When the upload is complete, the file name of the image appears at the top. Click on it and then on “insert” in the new window that pops up.

A code similar to that below will be added to the page. Change the part after the question mark to “57”: that will give the image the same size as all the others on the page.


Creating a new table row

But that's just the image; we want to create a new row in the table of games. A table row looks like this in DokuWiki:

| Left column | Right column |

We want to have something like this:

| App icon | App Link: Description |

And this is what we're going to do. You have already created the content of the left column (the icon). We just want to add the suffix ?57 at the end to have it in the right size (57 pixels wide).

| {{:games:my_game.png?57}} | App Link: Description |

Now there's only one thing missing: the link to the app store. The Sparrow Wiki provides a custom function to link to an app store game, which is called like this:

%appstore_link?app_id(App Name)%

%appstore_link?12345678(My Game)%

We want to make that text bold, so we surround that function with ''**''. Then we add a short description at the end. In the end, you should have a row like this:

| {{:games:penguflip.png?57}} | **%appstore_link?349733798(PenguFlip)%:** PenguFlip is the mother of all Sparrow applications. |
PenguFlip: PenguFlip is the mother of all Sparrow applications.

Add this line to the top of the list!

That's it!

Are you still with me? If you have problems, just contact us and we will add the application for you. Just be sure to send the icon, the application ID and a short description.

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