Here is a list of games that were created with the help of Sparrow. Please add your games to the top of this list! Find out how to do that here.

Mathcubes: Times Tables for kids: is an educational app specifically designed for children to learn the times tables and the multiplications basic facts while playing and enjoying in an adorable environment, with vintage design and smooth jazz melodies.
Hunger Crunch: Fight hunger in a game…and the real world too. Will you and your loyal Beasty stomp, smash, and crunch Hunger? Hunger Crunch gives you the opportunity to fight real world hunger and have some fun at the same time. Learn more at
I Need Backup!: Help Hero to save his allies from the nasty foe Big Bad Baby and form a powerful team to survive and win the battle!
RSI Invaders: RSI Invaders is a Space Invaders clone with a Star Citizen design. Fight with your F7C Super Hornet or your M50 against the Vanduul invasion. The UEE is counting on you!
eve.: Simple but tricky puzzle! Can you push all the blue blocks to the edge?
Soccer Punch Championship: Take the place of PAMBO, your objective, be the best to take control of the ball in the championship, test you skills.
Mathcubes: Addition and Subtraction: is a fantastic app so that your children enjoy and learn Maths in an entertaining and fun way. You will see how in a short amount of time they will control numbers and solve sums and subtractions without hardly making an effort. They will surprise you!
Fairy & Witch: Fairy & Witch is for small children, in five idioms.
Doors and Floors: This photorealistic escape game is for everyone - but not for beginners.
Babel ABC: Alphabet app for kids, in 3 languages, English, Portuguese and Spanish!
Next - Numbers: A simple game and a brain trainer.
Turtle Race Crazy 2: Turtles go around on fixed lane. Change lane to avoid tomatoes and salad.
Turtle Race Crazy: Turtles are fast if they eat beans.
Puzzles Age 0 to 4: Place the puzzlepieces in the right places and get rewarded with bubbles or balloones.
Car Bingo Fun: When the kids look out the window and spots a horse, they click the horse and gets points.
Asteroid Exploder: Blow up rocks in space and when they divide… Blow up the smaller pieces.
Zero Gravity Sports: Try soccer or boxing in a zero gravity environment.
Shuffleboard Casual: The classic game to play when relaxing on a cruise. Improve your aiming skill and win by placing your pucks on top of the point fields.
Imbrium: Weapon, Elements and Magic. A game about your intuition.
Keepie Uppie Ball: Keepie Uppie Ball for iPhone tests your header skills be tilting to keep the ball in the air, collect trophies and avoid obstacles.
Keepie Uppie Ball HD: Keepie Uppie HD for iPad tests your header skills be tilting to keep the ball in the air, collect trophies and avoid obstacles.
The Scruffs: A family friendly seek-and-find game comes to life with humorous banter and animated characters. Uses Sparrow 1.4 and homebrew UI/animation framework.
Icon Trivia Pop: A fun and addictive trivia game which uses icons to challenge your skill.
Guess This Pic: Tap the grid and try to guess the picture underneath. Fun Family Game.
Four Corners: A fast paced and addictive puzzle game. Are you a corner master?
ZukoMonsters: Capture incredible monsters, evolve them and battle against your friends!
ButtonMasher: A Simon Says type game with an arcade style look. Comes with single player, hot-seat action (two players one device) and online multiplayer via Game Center.
Hookshot: An old-school 8-bit arcade style climbing game.
Piano Mania: The Ultimate Piano Practice Game. Activated with a real acoustic piano or by touch.
RVO Tactical Conditioning: RVO Tactical Conditioning is a top-down combat simulation that combines action, strategy, and multiplayer combat. RVO operators must make the best use of terrain, allies, and available assets to capture the opposing team’s artifact and successfully complete the simulation.
Familia Ovo Memory Game: Test your memory, be quick, make no mistakes! Fun for all ages!
Captain Save Us: The special science team must reach the Earth alive. You, as the captain; must save them from all asteroids and the aliens!
Alien Defense Zone: Earth is under attack and it's up to you to stop the alien invasion. Take control of the defense zone and destroy the invading army one ship at a time.
CrashAnimals: Racing game in the endless desert. The game is a pseudo 3d/2.5D road implementation.
CrashAnimalsFree: Racing game in the endless desert. The game is a pseudo 3d/2.5D road implementation.
Box Quiz: Box Quiz is biggest German quiz on the application store with over 17000 questions!
Box Quiz Lite: Box Quiz is biggest German quiz on the application store with over 17000 questions! This is FREE limited version!
T-Block: Special Tetris game, contains 3 special block, has classic, level and multiplayer modes, a lot features waiting for you to discover. Enjoy!
Ball in: Play ball with Sparrow! Don't throw, just catch!
My little Rocket: My little Rocket is an entertaining, motivating app that engages kids to a new form of creative play and knowledge. They will even learn how to build a physical rocket (out of card board)!
Anomaly: Interactive Graphic Novel: ANOMALY the Interactive Graphic Novel. Combines parallax animation and interactivity to create a multimedia experience of unparalleled proportions.
RoboBug: RoboBug is game for the little gray cells
Experiment S: Join Experiment S and your team of scientists as they build giant soccer playing robots! Put on your goggles and strap yourself in. Experiment S begins now!
Mathtopia: So addictive they should have called it “Crystal Math”!
Tiny Guitar: The easiest way to play guitar on the App Store! Best of all, it's free!
Blob Frenzy: Bright, fast and fun-filled match-3 game. Match colours, pop blobs, use abilities! Get the highest score possible in 60 seconds.
Alpaca Farm: is a fast paced, family friendly adventure through the English countryside, combining super cute characters with reaction based gameplay.
A Treasure In The Sea: A family game for adult and children.A strategy game under the sea.
Mathemanic: Mathemanic is a falling-block puzzle game with a mathematical twist! .
Japanese Please!: A fun way to learn about Japan while practicing Kanji, Hiragana, and Katakana.
Pandaboy: a free version of Pandaboy.
Pandaboy: Challenge Accepted: an old-school platformer with some modern elements. An epic journey to become a PandaGuy.
Space Borders: Fight for the survival of humanity in an epic, action-packed space strategy game! If you are a fan of the space RTS genre, then Space Borders is a must-have.
Piano Summer Games: Represent your country and compete for a medal against other players from around the world. Learn to play the anthems of the world on your own real piano, or an on-screen virtual one
Pok8 Pok9: Pok8 Pok9 (Pokdeng) is a card game. It's a universal application available on iPod, iPhone and iPad.You can play together with your friend 7 players via Wi-Fi or Personal Hotspot. You can play with AI computer.
cubicblock.jpg Cubic Block: Cubic Block is one of the most original puzzle game.
Raptor Runner: Claw and struggle your way out of inevitable doom in this fast-paced adventure! With success out of the question, the goal is merely your persistence, and how long it can last.
Stick Snipers: Stick Snipers pits you against hordes of stick men as they invade your iPhone. Grab your rifle and pick them off. Also includes an entire target shooting range mode too.
Skritter: The greatest app for learning Chinese by writing ever dreamt by man.
Quizball: Just in time for Euro 2012, here’s the football quiz game where you can lead your country to European Championship glory!
Agent Higgs:The Higgs particle needs your help to stay hidden from view. In this puzzle game, you'll use the known particles (electrons, muons, neutrinos, and more) to conceal Agent Higgs from the scientists hot on his trail.
Ape II Man-Space War: Be the man, survive 30 seconds… A port of a classic pc game that was popular in Japan. Remember: Only the Paranoid Survive!
Stupid Jones: Deluxe: Tyler Jones is an adventurer quite peculiar who decides to get one of the valuable treasures hidden by our ancestors. Are you Ready?
Matching Set: It’s the fast-paced pair matching game from Ancient Egypt where you connect tiles as fast as you can. Clear the board to extend the time you play for - no 60 second limits here. Compete against your friends on Game Center.
SpongeBash: Super Sponge Bash is your perfect game to let off some steam – squeeze the little sponge characters and release you anger – satisfaction guaranteed! Two different game modes will let you take pleasure in bashing those yellow fellers. Squeeze them, bounce them or let them explode, the main goal is to destroy as many as you can within the set timeframe. Enjoy by yourself or challenge one of your mates!
Kawaii Numse: Kawaii numse is a game about a little creature which loves to fly up in the sky and explore the world. However there is a lot of evil monsters which doesn't like kawaii numse and therefore are trying to push it down to the ground. Its up to you the help kawaii numse fly and shoot down all enemies from the skies! How long can you help kawaii numse fly?
HVxDADzt Bitsy Bacties: Remove these nasty pests from the screen by dropping the right pills in! Bitsy Bacties is a unique tactical game with 2 game modes and easy rules.
Buntel: Buntel is an addicting puzzle game. The game principle is more than easy: remove stones (Buntels) in pairs by tapping on them. Two Buntels pair off if they are same-coloured or if they have equal symbols. The more space between the matching Buntels, the more points will be gained.Reach a score as high as possible by clever removing the Buntels on the board.
Cutlass Cove: Captain your ship, fire its cannons, summon powerful voodoo spells and dominate the high seas in this unique pirate action/strategy game.
Map Monsters: A soon to be launched location-aware game. Catch monsters throughout the world. Check out the Kickstarter project:
Ghost Catcher: Carnival of Horrors: A tower defense in a ghostly carnival theme. If you like games like PvZ, you'll love this one!
Piano Dust Buster: A music game that lets you play popular songs. Activated by a real piano (no extra cables needed) or a 3D virtual one.
WordScape: Wordscape is a fun jumble word game with multiple play modes and difficulty levels. It's fun for all ages!
Fruit-O-Rama: Another amazing endless puzzle game for iPad.
BRIZZLEBALL: BRIZZLEBALL is a game demanding both, tactics and skills
Cartoon Story: A free story viewer for language learning
Airy Jump: A special & funny free jumping game on iPhone!
Tiny Piano: The easiest way to play piano on the App Store! Best of all, it's free!
Watch That!: Improve your concentration and short term memory with this fast-paced game!
Pile Pile Tap!: Pile Pile Tap! is a puzzle game for iPhone – with beautiful figures. Test your imaging skills, and energize your brain power!
Annoying Fly: Annoy your friends and pester your family. When you get fed up, you can use your finger and SPLAT!
Gravity Guitar: Strum a guitar without any prior musical knowledge. Play songs by tapping colored dots that fall down the screen.
Pingwin: Pingwin, a baby penguin, is terribly scared of the Ocean. He rarely goes swimming, something his poor mother cannot bear to watch. His swimming skills are, in fact, quite poor compared to his fellow baby penguins. His mother therefore hatches up a plan to lure him into the water. Her trick? She throws his all-time favorite food – raw Fish rolled in rice – into the big, open Ocean …
Match Mayhem: Match Mayhem is an AwesomeSauce image matching game! Test your Matching skills with extremely vivid, beautifully shot image tiles and post your highscores to Facebook for all your friends to see your Match Mayhem prowess! The beautiful, crisp image tiles take full advantage of the Retina Display!
Dodge This: Dodge This - A game of reaction and skill. Challenge yourself in this 1 player game of obstacles and mazes. Collect blues while avoiding yellows and reds. But watch out! Some yellows get angry and turn red. Then the chase is on. Rise to the challenge of 10 progressively difficult levels that will garuantee you yell out loud!
Whirl World: A fun and addicting drawing app with a “twist.” Spin colorful squares onto your canvas to create a masterpiece!
Soloriginal: The classical board game turned into a mind test with a bunch of adjectives suitable for your score doubling the fun!
BrainBoy Mini: Help BrainBoy repair his ship and reach the stars! Use your knowledge of proverbs to escape the atmosphere.
Naughty Eggs: This challenging puzzler starts off with simple obstacles and gets intriguing as you overcome each puzzle. Planking all the eggs into the basket will lead your way to the top.
BabyFirst Encyclopedia: Early learning app for babies and toddlers.
Amore Mio: Impress your true love in this romantic quiz game!
Diamond Elevens: The popular patience-style card game, finally available for your iPhone!
Bugs & Fairies: The bugs are attacking the Apple Orchard. Your job is to 'Zap' the Bugs and with the Fairies save the Apple Orchard.
Lil' Birds: There are over 5,000 cute and colorful birds waiting for you to collect, breed, & trade with your friends!
Tekla: Tekla - jumping, accelerating Snake for iOS!
The People vs Wall St: Play as one of The People: While you occupy Wall Street, ensure that the corrupt also occupy jail!
Metronome touch: The Style of Pendulum. First metronome that offers WiFi synchronization.
4Fukushima Lite: The first Wall Defense! Try protecting your power plant by holding back the alien forces! Free Lite edition including 2 worlds and 8 levels.
4Fukushima: The first Wall Defense! Try protecting your power plant by holding back the alien forces!
Slide To Survive: Slide your gap in order to avoid colliding with the orbs from a supernova. How long can you last?
Ducky's Coffee: Help Ducky win back his love! How? By serving the world’s tastiest coffee, of course!
jewelsmash.jpg Jewel Smash: Smash those jewels and gems matching three in row and column or use bombs, electric arc or chisel.
MakeASceneHalloween: Select images from a scrollbar and drag them around the screen to build a halloween scene. There are backgrounds, houses, baddies, humans, creatures, objects and alphabet images.
Runner Gunner: Runner Gunner is a game about running, jumping and shooting targets.. at the same time.
Murky Reef: Think, play and save Murky Reef from destruction!
dCdrTLcrnIJq Bob The Blob: Bob the blob is a fun and addictive blob jumping game!
The Book of Hugo Free: Spanish/English. Interactive game application for children from 1 to 3 years. Puzzle Game, Find the Animals, Number game and Matching pairs game.
TaTa iPhone/iPad game: Touch the balloons got score! You can play with friends together!
ZD Binary Clock Lite: What time is it? 101111! ZD Binary Clock will get you ticking. A great way to learn binary! Lite version aka free!
ZD Binary Clock: What time is it? 101111! ZD Binary Clock will get you ticking. A great way to learn binary!
A Crazy Dog Adventure!: The Ant Queen has stolen all the bones on earth. Dogs around the world are angry and tired of only eating dog food. But there is a dog that's one of a kind, a smart dog, a strong dog…. a CRAZY dog! THEIR DIET IS ON YOUR HANDS!
DZOOP: An addicting puzzle game. Slide the knobs on their corresponding targets, sounds simple but will become challenging soon! Sparrow helped us keeping the development time very short.
Reaction: Think your quick? Let's find out!
Monsters vs Light: Embrace the power of light and destroy all monsters. (GC Integration, iPhone, Paid)
Pandemic: Destroy the viruses before they infect the system.
Stop That Tank: Help Gary chase down his runaway tank.
JugL: Don't let the glowy orb things fall, or else! Rack up a highscore in this addictive old school arcade game!
Word Bird: Feed the word bird! You have 30, 90 or 180 seconds to cook up as many tasty words as you can. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
faro: A game from the wild west, now available for your favorite tablet! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Three Lines Poker: Three lines; three varieties of video poker; three times the fun. Video poker the way it was meant to be played! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Pick a Pair Poker: Another video poker game – two cards face up and two stacks of three to pick from. Which one do you select? GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Poker 5x5: Test your poker skills with our version of poker bingo. Place drawn cards on the five-by-five grid and see how high can you score! GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Poker 5x5 SD: The iPod/iPhone version of Poker 5×5. GC integration. (iPhone, Free)
Maximum Memory: May the best memory win. Select one of three board sizes (4×4, 5×5, or 6×6) and try to pair off the icons as quickly as possible. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Yut Nori: Yut Nori is a traditional Korean board game. You play by tossing sticks and moving pieces. Pieces can be stacked, but be warned if the other player lands on your pieces all pieces are sent back to the start. (iPad, Free)
sudoku maximus : 49,000 sudoku puzzle boards for you enjoyment. (iPad, Free)
Hazard: The granddaddy of craps is back. Choose your main (5, 6, 7, or 9) and roll the dice. After the initial roll, decide if you want to bet on the chance. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Senet: Senet is an ancient racing game. You begin your turn by throwing sticks. You can move your piece either to an unoccupied square or onto an unprotected enemy piece. 1 or 2 players. (iPad, Free)
Game of the Goose: Game of the Goose is an ancient racing board game. Who will be the winner? (iPad, Free)
Shut the Box:Shut the Box is an old English pub game. Now available on your iPad with a modern twist: casino-style scoring. GC integration. (iPad, Free)
Fox&Chicken: A classic board game returns - As the game name “Fox&Chicken” indicates two clever Foxes try to mess on the game board with 20 Chickens. But let's wait and see if that is actually a good idea as the Chickens might be just as wily as the cunning fox if they play their moves rights. Available for iPad and iPhone/iPod.
Gary: Tank Commander: A soundboard for the UK TV show Gary: Tank Commander.
Balls In Box: Old good Arkanoid-styled game in virtual wood box. Pop balloons, gather power-ups and have fun with this dynamic game. Available for iPhone/iPod Touch.
Speed Trace: Race the clock to trace the patterns shown. At the end of the level, you are grading on accuracy. If you get an F, you'll have to try again before moving on to the next level. If you get anything other than an A, you might want to come back to that level later and try to improve your score. Available for iPad and iPhone/iPod Touch.
Dyslexia Quest: Climb the mountain and play the yeti games. Each game will test memory and learning skills. The Yeti Master will explain signs of dyslexia.
What is Dyslexia?: A FREE app to help you understand dyslexia.
Caribbean Treasures: Enjoy an unforgettable time vacationing on beautiful Caribbean islands, while searching for ancient gold. Available for iPhone and iPad!
ET the Ear Trainer: Learn musical scales while saving your town from alien invasion.
Roodie Noodies and the Rubbery Rings: Swing, jump, bounce and dive bomb the Roodie Noodies into inflatable 'Rubbery Rings’ down at Belly Button Bay.
Super Birds: Super Birds want to reach new hights. All they need is a little help! :-P
A Boat Message: Set sail in a quest to receive a curious letter in this interactive book! ☺
Bouncie: Bouncing puck, bricks, buttons …
Squares: Remove colorful squares and disarm destructive bombs!
Hinquer: The Battle Begins! Are you ready?
Find it! 2: Find the differences between two photos as fast as you can and collect stars to progress in the game and unlock new photos. Available for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.
eduBubble: eduBubble is a game to learn basic math and reading skills in several languages.
Shape: A polyphonic synthesiser allowing the user to draw the shape of the oscillator waveform.
Kinetic: A music instrument inspired by the inside of a maracas.
Sinusoid: An 8 bit music tracker/sequencer sound toy.
Pixel Tune: A little pixel drawer app that makes pretty tunes.
BadRats: A never ending race game with randomly generated mazes.
Dribbling: You are the ball, don't get kicked in this accelerometer controlled soccer game.
My First Phone: A funny toy phone for young kids! Let your kid have a great time with the phone in a safe way. Learn numbers and associate sounds with animals and vehicles.
Flutter SD: Flutter is a combination word game and immersive ambient Zen experience. While listening to nature sounds and viewing classic works of Zen art, letters drift down the screen, and you find words.
Checkers King: This game is meant to satisfy all levels - those who want to learn the game, club level players, and experts in the game.
Orbital Defense: Protect our planet from 7 types of enemies as a satellite capable of using 10 weapons and items! Do you think you can last through the entire alien horde?
Lime Porcupine: One Porcupine, one Lemon and a waves and waves of Limes to deal with! Pop the limes to score big by jumping into a Porcupine Ball or by Shooting Lemon Juice, and don't forget to dodge them too!
Sky Trip: Sky Trip is amazing adventure in the sky. Try to fly higher, and beware birds and dark clouds. Adventure awaits you!
Roodie Noodies and the Slippery Pole: Stay on the Slippery Pole as long as you can without falling off - but be careful as those Crafty Crabs will try to drop you into the sea !
ispaceship.jpg iSpaceShip: A fun arcade style 2D space game for iOS.
Muffin-Pop: A fast fun cloud popping game.
Naughty Pony: Learn how to look after a pony and what cheeky things they can get up to!
Hairy Letters: Learn the names and sounds of each letter with the Hairies!
Lambs Jumps: Bad wolf forced the lamb to jump into the abyss. Jump high into the sky!
Taxi Maxi: Show your driving skills in Taxi Maxi’s streets.
Clock applications from ABCOM: World Clocks, Fancy Clock and Dual Clock (free).
Go Usagi!: Can you help the Usagi keep their most secret Mochi safe, and out of the tentacles of the aliens?
Tom & his Friends: An interactive animated film for kids from 3 to 133, based on the successful TV-series and featuring the voice of Ben Miller.
Taxi Driver: You are a taxi driver who is willing to get customers to their destinations as quickly as possible.
Pure Pitch: Pure Pitch is a fun memory game where you watch and listen to the lights and tones played and repeat the sequence.
Red Ball: Roll your red ball, knock over boxes, dodge swinging axes and even ride a train in this physics platformer.
Red Ball 2: Bigger, better, stronger, cuter … and more lost than ever! The sequel to Red Ball, with new levels and ingenious challenges.
Topsy & Tim start School: An interactive story which helps prepare children for the experience of starting school.
Nerd Trek: This platform game was inspired by the classics of the genre!
An Invasion: A modern, retro style, space shooter game.
CraneSim: Match the colors to keep the blocks from stacking to the top!
Crab Beach: Crabs are trying to come ashore on your beach – you must stop them!
Pop the Bubbles HD: This multi-touch enabled application is one of the best bubble popping fun game for all ages!
Cosmic Clock: Would you like to have a very unique analog clock with amazing pictures of our Universe? Then you will love the Cosmic Clock app!
Kabaam: Kabaam creates and publishes your photo comic stories.
Twins: Twins is a super-fast action puzzle game and the second benchmark and demo App for Sparrow.
PenguFlip: PenguFlip is the mother of all Sparrow applications. It was developed by Gamua side-by-side with the Sparrow core code and serves as a benchmark as well as a usability study for Sparrow.
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