Open Source Games

The Sparrow user Saumya has created two games with Sparrow especially to show other users complete, living samples to browse and explore. This gives you a chance to see the “big picture” behind a Sparrow game: how to assemble all its elements to create a working game. Thanks a lot, Saumya!

If anyone else wants to share the source code of his or her game, it's very much appreciated! Feel free to add a link to your game in the list below.

All those games were built with Sparrow 1.x, so you won't be able to compile them with Sparrow 2. If anyone wants to fork those games so that they work with the latest Sparrow version, it would be greatly appreciated! :-)


A simple mathematical game which uses accelerometer to choose different options of the game. Highly addictive and fun to test your mathematical aptitude.


This is a math counting and memory game, which takes multi-touch into the game play. A much addictive game which tests your memory, reaction time, color recognition.


Save the World from all Hello'ers, fire our strongest rockets at their space ships.

  • Using ARC, CocoaPods, Universal, Sparrow 1.4
  • Download the source on GitHub
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